Scientology - Scam, fake 'church'

The Church of Scientology is a cult that destroys people, so it needs to be exposed. Once people are lured into it, they find it very hard to get out. The recurring sales pitch is "The way to happiness". Scientology is a scam, dressed up as a religion, and that cult founders are con men exploiting brainwashed victims for personal wealth and power.

Victims have told stories of them opening personal loans of up to $10,000 to pay for 'special' personal development courses run by scientologists. They are told it is a "donation" for the course.

People are being lured into giving their life away to the cult during a vulnerable time of their life.

Scientology is described as 'psycho-babble and trickery' by Neil Mitchell of 3AW.

Feb 2011

Scientologists were canvassing in Melbourne train stations for cheap $10 haircut and massages, of which becomes a promotion to get people to attend the melbourne sciientology centre to find out more information. Whilst they are not directly preached at, the salons are plastered with promotional material, in the hope that people will become curious and ask further questions.

New scandal in Melbourne 2011-03-23

A school is using letter box drops to advertise a school where there is 'no homework'. The marketing campaign is cleverly designed to lure kids into convincing their parents to change over to the school. Little do the parents know the school is run by scientologists. The adverts do not mention anything about scientology. Is this a form of false advertising? Are they breaking the rules here?


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