No Carbon Tax - Say no to Carbon Pricing

Julia sends you junk mail

From around 3 Aug 2011, the federal Labor government sent pamphlets to all households in Australia. The cost of the mail-out is in excess of $4 million, part of the $21m spend on a campaign to 'sell' the carbon tax to Australians.

If the government is really serious about their 'Clean Energy' future, they should have spent the taxpayers' money on buiding new renewable energy plants, rather than splurging it on the already rich media companies.

Although the pamplets are printed on recycled paper, it still causes carbon to be emitted printing them. Transporting them in bulk from the printing press to the Australia Post distribution centres no doubt requires trucks and trains, all of which need diesel to run.


A Robin Hood government

The proposed carbon tax essentially takes money from the big resources and energy companies (mining, oil, electricity) and gives compensation to the not-so-well-off citizens.

Prone to waste and bureaucracy

The federal Labor government has seen its fair share of bungles and waste - look no further than the home insulation scheme and "Building the Education Revolution" - and it's easy to see why. As such, it is very likely the Carbon Pricing scheme will also bear the hallmarks of a wasteful government and bureaucratic red tape.


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