Government wastes money advertising Trains, Super Taxes

Victorian Government

Over the past few years, the Vic Govt ran advertising campaigns on improvements to the transport system, dubbed It's part of the plan.

Instead of spending money on ads telling Victorians about the 'improvements' to the public transport system, the Govt is far better off putting the money to good use on actual improvements and upgrades. The money saved from not advertising new trains and freeways can be used to buy more train carriages or spent on road safety upgrades - pity the Govt does't know how to put two and two together. Ultimately, the poor taxpayer suffers from crowded peak hour trains and congested freeways along with the anger and frustration of seeing such ads.

There is no need to stick ads in front of people. If the upgrades were actually significant enough to make a real improvement to the transport system, it would demonstrate to the public the government is actually doing its part. The improved transport infrastructure would sell itself.

Spin and wasting money. It's part of the plan.


Mining and recources has been one of the most profitable industries. But now, the Govt thinks the profits are too high and wants to up the tax rate on the resources industry.

As soon as the Govt announced the 'super tax' on mining industry profits, the miners rolled out various ads blasting the govt's proposed tax. The Govt struck back promptly, with a series of propaganda ads to justify the tax. The tax reform is not even in place yet, and yet they are spending precious taxpayer dollars on advertising. Surely the government could save money and not run such ads, then there would be no need to slug super taxes on one particular industry.

All the advertising does is make the media companies richer. If the governent had its way with super taxes and their related ads, then soon enough, they'll start putting 'super taxes' on broadcasters just because they earn 'too much' from advertising revenue!


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