Google search results font too big

Since early March 2014, users started noticing the font sizes in Google's search results became much bigger. Hyperlinks are also no longer underlined.

It can be a disadvantage to colourblind users, because without underlined links, it makes it harder to distinguish between normal text and hyperlinks.

The much larger font also has other side effects. It reduces the space available for page titles, causing more truncation. The larger font also takes up more room on the page, leading to more scrolling.

It seems that Google, like all other web and IT companies, are copying each other's trends. The trend seems to heading in the direction of large fat fonts, ugly square buttons with a flat colour (which look nothing like 'normal' buttons from only two or three years ago) and general unnecessary bloating of the page content. Microsoft seems to be one of the worst perpetrators of this.

User intuitiveness is also being eroded away, with many features and menus now being hidden behind abstract buttons and UI components. Users can no longer easily tell what is clickable and what's not, unless they waste time and effort trying to look for things to click on that look remotely clickable.


admin, Tue, 18 Mar 2014 11:51 am: Reply

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