Domain Renewal Group - Scam registrar invoice - Fake mail letter bill

If you recieve letter from an organisation calling themselves "Domain Renewal Group", throw it out immediately. It is actually an application form for switching to another domain registrar (at several times the cost) that deceptively looks like an invoice. There is generally no reason to switch domain name registrars, and any unsolicited offer should be treated with extreme caution.

Formerly known as Domain Registery of America, they use a Melbourne address, but do not have any significant Australian presence (i.e. no Australian phone number or website).

There have been reports of people inadvertently switching to them, only to find they provide poor customer service. If your domain actually expires they can claim ownership and resell the domain via auction. This is actually the worst way to lose a domain. At least legitimate registrars will provide a grace period where you can pay for the renewal and a small fee to get your domain back.

The group preys on unsuspecting domain registrants by sending a 'renewal' letter which is cleverly disguised as a domain transfer authorisation form, in the hope that people will not read it properly and simply pay. However, in order to obtain the address of the registrant, the group illegally harvested addresses from the WHOIS database.

Below is a sample of one such letter:

The bottom line is this: Ignore the letter. If you pay them, you could risk losing your domain. At the very least, you'll end up paying many times more for your domain registration than you would normally should.


yenmiester, Thu, 03 Jun 2010 01:03 pm: Reply
I got one of these today. I went online to Netregistry Support
printed out the scam warning, wrote on the top in bright pink texta F##K OFF and promptly mailed it back to them in their own reply paid envelope.
I urge everybody else to do the same. The more they get back the more it is going to cost them and the more they are going to get the message that not everybody out in the big world are suckers !!

greymouse, Wed, 25 Jan 2012 11:07 pm: Reply
We have also received a letter and posted on our site.

DO NOT RENEW WITH THEM, Keep your current provider, or contact us for guidance HOW to renew your domain name. It is simple

stefan, Thu, 07 Jun 2012 05:26 pm: Reply
we also recived this same Letter..
in order: we do nothing!!!

Thanks for the Posts.

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